Robert Fulton Billions Book
Robert Fulton Billions Book

How to Live the Best Life by Serving Humanity

Take Heart and Start Here

Being Great by Doing Good

Where aspiring philanthropists like you learn to make the most of your worth to better the world for the billions on the fronts of health, finance, relationships, and technology.

Get This Incredible Guide to Your Best Life

  • Learn what it takes to selflessly commit to a future enriched for all without the interference of political partisanship or personal bias.

  • Build a business that benefits a cause greater than the bottom line (think TOMS Shoes, Patagonia, and Pencils of Promise).

  • Understand the best way to channel your time, energy, and resources into projects that build a better world from your big ideas.

  • Develop the nuts and bolts of a sustainable strategy to start small and scale globally.

  • Put your worth to work with monthly instruction and accountability; we’ll meet annually in Vegas to solidify and improve upon the lessons learned over the year.