Make more sales, grow your practice, and help more people

  • Gain instant credibility with prospective patients

  • Become the go-to celebrity expert in your space

  • Earn more money and make a bigger impact in the world


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Become an Established Author

Learn how to write a book that creates instant celebrity status with your patients in a fraction of the time you might expect

Build a Website that Sells 24/7

Learn how to develop a website that becomes your #1 salesperson. Capture and nurture new high quality leads around the clock

Create Ads That CONVERT

Maximize your advertising dollars by creating incredibly effective return on investment ads on Facebook and Google

The Ultimate Follow-Up System

Does your practice have a leaky bucket? Learn how to build a system that never lets another prospective patient fall through the cracks

Stand Out With Stunning Video

Learn the secrets of high-end video production teams so that every video you create is a masterpiece optimized to bring in new patients

Maximize Productivity

Whether you have a small office or a huge organization, learn the top productivity hacks to get the most out of your team

6 Epic Modules

Module #1

Become an Established Author

Become an Established Author
  • Becoming An Author

    Writing a book is one of the fastest ways to develop your personal brand and credibility. However most doctors think writing a book has to be a second job and take several months – maybe even years!

  • Insider Secrets

    We’re here to teach you the secrets of writing your first book – one that positions you as the authority figure in your niche… A book that nurtures leads into becoming excited patients ready to follow your guidance instead of fighting every step of your care process. A book that portrays you as the go-to celebrity doctor – leading to regular TV, radio, and media appearances.

  • Faster Than You Can Imagine

    We’ll teach you how to do all of that in a fraction of the time you might expect it to take. We’ve helped doctors publish over 40 books in the past two years and have created a streamlined system to help you become the next authority doctor.

Module #2

Build a Website that Sells 24/7

Build a Website that Sells 24/7
  • Building A Sales Machine

    Answer this question honestly – is your current website more of a brochure or a high-end salesperson working 24/7 to capture interested leads, nurture prospects, and close sales?

  • Capture Attention

    A powerful website should capture the attention of interested visitors by appearing for commonly searched keywords on Google and Bing. Attract visitors who are motivated and ready to work with you to make big changes.

  • Reliable Lead Flow

    You’ll learn the secrets we’ve used to help doctors capture 50,000+ qualified website leads over the past two years, and the systems used to motivate these leads to take action and come into the office for consultations and educational events.

Module #3

Create Ads That CONVERT

Create Ads That CONVERT
  • No More Waste

    You might have heard the old saying “half of all advertising dollars are wasted, the trick is figuring out which half”.

  • Maximum ROI

    We will teach you the secrets we’ve learned to capture high quality leads from platforms like Facebook and Google, and do it in an ROI positive way where your ad budget feels more like an unlimited ATM machine than an expense.

  • Spend, Spend, Spend

    Instead of dreading your monthly marketing budget, you’ll be dreaming up ways to spend more and more because you’ll know exactly how much it costs to acquire a patient, and how much that patient is worth to your bottom line.

Module #4

The Ultimate Follow-Up System

The Ultimate Follow-Up System
  • Fixing Your Leaky Bucket

    Does your practice have a leaky bucket? One of the most common business blunders is paying for and capturing high quality leads, then letting them fall through the cracks due to a lacklustre follow up system.

  • Motivated and Happy Patients

    We will teach you the exact system we’ve been using to nurture thousands of leads into becoming motivated prospects, and ultimately happy customers.

  • Ninja Tricks Up Your Sleeve

    We’ll pull back the curtain and unveil all of our ninja automation tricks including automated text messages, voicemails, emails, facebook retargeting, and more.

Module #5

Stand Out From The Crowd With Stunning Video

Stand Out From The Crowd With Stunning Video
  • Create Powerful Videos

    Video is one of the most powerful marketing mediums available, but most doctors don’t use it effectively and are leaving thousands and thousands of dollars on the table from missed sales.

  • Ultra High Quality

    We will teach you the processes and tricks used to produce ultra high quality videos you can use to infuse your marketing with credibility and trust.

  • Your Marketing Superpower

    Transform video from your biggest weakness to your strongest asset with a few simple changes in technique and mindset.

Module #6

Maximize Productivity With Optimal Team Management

Maximize Productivity With Optimal Team Management
  • Get The Most From Your Team

    Whether you have a small office or a huge organization, getting the most out of your team is essential to maximizing your practice growth and impact in the world.

  • Learn From The Best

    In this event you’ll learn the top productivity hacks to get the most out of your team and create a winning culture. These same tactics are used at massive business giants such as Apple, Zappos, Netflix, and Google to make a major impact globally.

  • It Starts With You

    Productivity starts with you. We’ll teach you the secrets top CEOs use to manage these organizations and how you can use the same mindset to take your practice to the top.




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Dr. Jason Shumard, D.C.

San Diego, CA

Dr. Jason Shumard, D.C. works with Diabetics, Thyroid Malfunction, and Cognitive Decline patients to help them reverse their conditions in San Diego, CA.

When Dr. Jason started working with Rob and his team, his practice was only bringing in $X/mo in revenue. Dr. Jason didn’t have a book or much else to separate himself from his peers in the local area.

He had advertisements around the clock but his ROI was unpredictable and his internal systems and team had him pulling his hair out at the young age of (41?).

He had steady monthly revenue but felt he had hit a roadblock and wasn’t sure how to take his practice to the next level. He needed systems, mentoring, and help making the big decisions to move his business forwards.

A New Beginning

When Dr. Jason first started working with Rob, the number one priority was upgrading his website to become his top salesperson. He had recently worked with a web designer to create a new site… It was aesthetically pleasing, but worked more like a brochure than an interactive experience.

His current site wasn’t producing new leads on a regular basis and wasn’t bringing in much traffic organically. It was listed on Google but not in a place anyone looking for help could easily find him.

Rob’s team worked with Dr. Jason to develop a state-of-the-art new website that produced new leads like clockwork. His visibility in Google climbed to the top, and his custom-designed landing pages ensured that every dollar he spent on advertising was maximized for profitability.

Next on the project list was helping Dr. Jason author his first book. But he didn’t stop with one – he now has written THREE books (one for each condition he specializes in) which gives Dr. Jason instant credibility when he meets with prospective patients which means he’s able to turn them into happy customers like clockwork. The new books are also starting to open big doors to appear in local media channels.

After the main sales machine had been built, it was time to focus on plugging the holes in his leaky bucket so that the leads generated from his new advertisements created by Rob’s team were not lost in the follow-up.

The Future Is Bright

Fast forward to today, he is now the proud owner of a SLICK follow up system that comprises of a world-class CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with automatic email, phone, voicemail, and text message follow up so that every new lead is treated like a king or queen.

Best of all, with his new team management systems, he’s able to work less hours each day and spend more time with his family. And his hair is even starting to grow back 😉

Today, Dr. Jason’s practice is regularly pulling in over $200,000 per month in patient revenue and the sky is the limit. He’s able to hold educational events for his prospective patients every month that reliably bring in new customers and his new mantra for managing his marketing budget is SPEND, SPEND, SPEND because he knows that every dollar out the door is producing a measurable positive ROI building his practice faster and faster.

Want to learn how to transform your business like Dr. Jason? Come to our next Dr. Authority event and we will share all of the secrets used to build his practice to the top.


The event is free! We do charge a $500 no-show deposit to make sure you come to the event and take it seriously – we only work with doctors who are serious about taking their practice to the next level.

Once you’re at the event, we will write you a check for $500.

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We host our Dr. Authority events at the beautiful CTRL Collective space in Denver, CO.

Located in the heart of downtown Denver, this space is just a few blocks from the historic Union Station, countless restaurants and bars, and fantastic hotels.

  • CTRL Collective, Denver, CO
  • CTRL Collective, Denver, CO
  • CTRL Collective, Denver, CO
  • CTRL Collective, Denver, CO
Ctrl Collective, Denver, COCtrl Collective, Denver, COCtrl Collective, Denver, COCtrl Collective, Denver, CO

Here’s What Some Of Our Members Have To Say…

Dr. Fab Mancini
Dr. Fab Mancini
Miami, FL

“Working with Rob has been a great experience, he’s made it so much easier to understand where I should put my attention to, I would recommend anyone to have the experience of learning from Rob”

Dr. Ruben Valdes
Dr. Ruben Valdes
Charlotte , NC

“The impact that Rob and his team have brought into my professional life as a doctor in the space of Functional Medicine, and to our practice Novis Health has just been remarkable.

The automated marketing model that they’ve been able to create that’s been generating hundreds and hundreds of leads for us into the practice every single month.

It’s pretty turnkey for us — we basically connect with them and tell them to turn the campaign on or off, and from there we end up with people asking for consults right into the office. It’s been very impactful in the aggressive and rapid growth of our business.

In addition to that, they’ve also been very instrumental in increasing our authority in the marketing. Right now we’re living in a time where health information is so readily available — it’s everywhere, it’s confusing. People will go online and read this, read that and never have a solid direction for what they need to do and where they need to go.

Through materials such as video production, and the books they have helped us write and co-author we’ve been able to get a lot of authority in the healthcare market, leading to an easier and easier conversion of patients into care. It’s a robust system of helping people get the right type of care.

One of my favorite things about these systems that Rob and his team have put together is that our lives have become so much easier, so much simpler. We’ve now even added the option to have them manage and handle our inbound calls and the qualification process of those leads — everything that leads to those people coming in to our office.

In addition to putting together the marketing, it’s reduced the burden on our staff tremendously and allowed us to focus on improving the patient experience.

Our schedule and conversion rates have increased from having them expertly handle all of these steps. More importantly, it’s created a lot more satisfaction for the staff and the doctors to not have to handle all of these things that are not in our skillset.

If you’re on the fence, move to the right side of the fence quickly because you need to have these guys on your team.

At this point, I’m more excited than I’ve ever been about practicing, loving people, leaning into the work I do because Rob’s team has been able to consistently expand our reach to more and more people, and to get this message, this opportunity into the hands of thousands. And that’s so exciting, to see this work, this passion we all have of Functional Medicine to grow at the rate that it has in such a short period of time. It’s very encouraging and very exciting.

To those who don’t know Rob, here’s my personal take on him…. Most of us remember when Elon Musk started out and he became this huge success, he had that McLaren parked outside when he was 16-17 years old. People like Elon Musk, people like Rob… their brain works very differently from the way that most of our brains work.

Most of us tend to be very sequential in nature. Rob has the ability to see so many things from so many points of view — being an entrepreneur himself — having had so many successful companies and just being this “tech wizard”, but at the same time being such a cool dude, so approachable and friendly.

His team is amazing, they are all rock stars from all over the world, so the experience of working with these guys is above and beyond. Again if you’re considering it, stop thinking about it — literally step on the gas you will not regret this decision.”

Dr. Cora Lanyon
Dr. Cora Lanyon
Los Angeles, CA

Working with Rob and his team has benefited my practice in creating a predictable outcome. He knows how to create marketing that works and targets the right leads.

I am excited about the future in knowing that we can work together in getting results that make more sales and help more people. I can count on Rob and his team to improve my ROI not only in creating the Ads but also keeping up with changes we have to make to adjust to the market. The future of the practice is looking good.

Rob is a mastermind when it comes to digital creativity and constant innovation in getting leads and tracking what works. As a practitioner, you don’t really have the time to worry about getting enough leads, Rob and his team give me peace of mind to let them do the figuring out for me.”

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  • Get Access to Rob’s Monthly Coaching Program

    You’ll be able to log into your private member portal where you’ll get new content each month about growing your practice, improving your operations, advancing your skills as a business owner, managing your time and productivity, and having more fulfillment as an entrepreneur.

  • Get Access to our Private VIP Facebook Group for Attendees

    Once you attend the event, you’ll be granted access to our private Facebook group for past Dr. Authority event attendees. This is a valuable community of doctors, health entrepreneurs, and business visionaries where you can rub elbows and make connections with peers in your industry across the globe.

  • Get Access to Rob’s Productivity Course “Control Freak”

    This program is guaranteed to give you a minimum of 15 more hours a week of quality time – which you can then freely invest into developing new technology, investing in new ventures, or nurturing your family. Get more done in a fraction of the time by becoming a master of productivity and effectiveness.

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We only work with doctors who are motivated to make big changes in their practice and the communities they support. If you intend to attend our events, we expect you to come with a BIG vision for what you want to achieve in your practice and your life.

Our doctors are either already world-class in what they do, or working hard to get there. Our mission is to help doctors break the current medical treatment paradigm and empower them to improve the lives of their patients.


We refuse to work with doctors who are complacent, who don’t care about creating a vision of the impact they want to make in the world. We don’t work with scarcity minded people. The world has plenty of opportunity – it’s YOUR job to seize it.

We don’t work with jerks. We expect members of our group to treat each other with respect. Camaraderie and a feeling of belonging to our mastermind is critically important. We won’t hesitate to kick you out to protect the experience of our members.


Our goal for you attending this event is to empower you to make huge changes in your practice, your systems, your team, and your life. We will share the tools, and it’s up to you to dig in and implement what we give you.

You’ll leave the event with a 90 day game plan to take what you learn at the event and put it into action.


This event is free! We charge a $500 deposit to save your seat because these events are best when we have a room full of excited and engaged attendees and we want to make sure you take it seriously.

At the end of the event, we’ll cut you a check for $500. In order to get your money back, we just ask that you’re respectful to the presenters and other attendees and come with an open mind ready to learn and implement the systems we’ll teach you during the event.

If you have any questions or concerns during the event, please address these privately to Rob or his team in between sessions.

Need help applying or have questions?

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Rob Fulton

Rob Fulton is a philanthropic business investor who thrives off making contributions to the growth of humanity through mentoring.

Preferring to take life’s most difficult challenges head-on, Rob has an inner drive that has called him to focus on longevity, deeper connection with society, and growth by empowering those with goals to impact the masses.

Believing that each moment presents an opportunity to show kindness, to motivate, and to spark innovation, Robert has built key leadership mentoring programs specifically to achieve this goal.