Becoming “The King” and 5 Ways Elvis’ Example Can Help Skyrocket Your Career

Whether you know him as “The King” or more formerly, “The King of Rock’n’Roll,” chances are you’ve wondered how a boy from Memphis rose to become one of the most iconic music figures of all time. It’s more than just his raw talent (which he had in spades). It relied on the fact that Elvis was a marketing pioneer way ahead of his time.

Just take a second and think about what floods to your mind when you think about Elvis: movies, TV shows, record-breaking albums, that Vegas jumpsuit, peanut butter, and banana sandwiches… The list goes on. There was a science to Elvis’ hold on the world, and soon you too can master it for your own sake. Take a page from the book of the King and discover how your career is about to be forever changed.

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”Elvis Presley

1. Hone your craft.

Elvis spent years perfecting his skills – singing lessons, guitar lessons; there were whole chapters of his life where it seemed like he permanently had a song in his head and a guitar on his hip. Apply the same methods when it comes to being a perfectionist at your own business – eat, sleep and breathe your work (in only the healthiest ways, of course – don’t run yourself ragged). Invest your time wisely in activities that you know will only strengthen your relationship with your business, and the report you have with your customers. Turn social events into potential networking opportunities, finesse your “elevator pitch” down to a science. Make sure you’re the best version of YOU that can be offered to potential investors or customers, and see the rewards come racing in.

2. Create a Sensation.

There’s no denying the magnetic hold of teenage girls to Elvis — but would you believe that you could create a version of that same incredible connection between yourself and your customers? It’s not as “impossible” as you may think, and it all lies within your bullet-proof marketing team. Think about how the line, “Elvis has left the building” is one we all recognize because it promotes his legend in a way that forces you to think, “Man – I just experienced something HUGE.” Apply the same methods to your product by encouraging your customer to think in similar terms. Use your marketing to “tease” upcoming versions, create a sense of your product ushering in a new chapter in their lives; make your company stand out in epic proportions. Buy into your own legend, and soon your customers will follow.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks – And Later, Don’t Be Afraid to Go Back

It has been said that deep down inside Elvis always considered himself to be an actor, and when he was given the opportunity to star in movies, he truly thought this would be the next big chapter of his career. Later, when that didn’t exactly pan out – Elvis didn’t throw a fit or give up on show business altogether, but rather went back to his music career with an added dose of gusto. Don’t be afraid to take your own risks – and if they don’t pan out, don’t be afraid to go back and start over. The most courageous thing a person can do is try something that’s been untested, so lead with that attitude and see the doors open to you for new and exciting experiences.

“You’ve got to follow that dream, wherever that dream may lead.”Elvis Presley

4. Do the “Crazy” Thing Your Friends Are Warning You About

Later in his career when Elvis decided to go on tour, most people considered it a ballsy move. For years, Elvis was the kind of celebrity that you flocked to – instead of the other way around. What would it mean for The King to attempt to sell-out arenas and stadiums across the country? Would he fail terribly? There was only one way to find out. Don’t be afraid to take risks, just like Elvis did; and later, if a risk doesn’t pan out – don’t be afraid to go back and start from zero. Treat each roll of the dice as an opportunity to embark down a two-way street, neither road leading to your “imminent failure.” No matter what risk you take, it becomes a learning experience to build into something greater. If Elvis never attempted a tour of this size, he would never have connected with a new audience, or later, inspired Frank Sinatra to do the same. You never know what the next corner on your path may turn out, so just trust that it’s going to be great either way.

“Do something worth remembering.”Elvis Presley

5. Control Your Career

Elvis’ manager, “The Colonel” Tom Parker was famous for keeping Elvis’ career on-point with an iron fist. Though he wasn’t a tyrant, it was apparent that Parker’s influence on Elvis was strong — if you wanted to get to the King, you had to go through Parker first. Consider this relationship when you’re gathering your own core team that influences your decisions on the job. Don’t let “Yes Men” creep into your circle, ruining you from the inside-out with their dishonesty.