5 Ways GoPro Achieved the Impossible, and How You Can Reap the Benefits

GoPro – lessons in marketing and branding

Why do I have 3 GoPro’s and still need more?

This amazing product may come in one of the tiniest of packages, but it is a must-have for all my endeavors. I need one attached to every vehicle, helmet, and backpack, and I am working hard to be able to afford my very own GoPro Omni. I love having this electronic eyewitness capture all my memories with crystal-clear images. GoPro has provided an addictive product that no one wants to live without. But it’s their their master marketing plan that skyrocketed their brand to outer space. GoPro has become the gold-standard for documenting life, whether it be filming ride-along style on road trips, catching extreme sports in action, or even just shooting some wild and crazy chilling with friends. I keep at least one on-hand everywhere I go, because you never know when there will be an opportunity to capture life’s unexpected events.

I ♥ GoPro.

Few technological innovations in the past decade have been as monumental as GoPro’s compact camera, primed and ready to record any adventure thrown its way in beautiful hi-def. It’s hard to deny the appeal of this teeny camera’s videos, which can take you on a first-person journey through crashing ocean waves with a surfer or rocky mountain trails with a biker. The experience of watching the film this camera captures is mesmerizing.

5 Tips for Becoming a BrandPro.

GoPro’s innovative example provides plenty of lessons in marketing and branding, so put down the gnarly surf videos and prepare to bro-down with GoPro’s business model. Shaka, brah.

“I feel like in a world where we all try to figure out our place and our purpose here, your passions are one of your most obvious guides.”Nick Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro

1. Form a Mantra.

GoPro’s tagline, “Capture + Play Your World,” is brilliant. Why?

  • It taps into the adventurous spirit they promote with their product.
  • It encourages consistent use of the product.

Think about it — once you learn how to use the GoPro to capture and play your world, how could you possibly go back to life without it? It doesn’t matter if you’re an extreme athlete or a stay at home mom, you start feeling really attached to your ability to record the awesomeness that is your everyday.

Create a mantra for your product that similarly promotes a playful spirit and emphasizes the benefits your product will bring into your customer’s life. If you demonstrate that your product has the ability to transform their life, it will be more difficult for them to imagine living without it.

My mantra is “most epic life.” This phrase summarizes what I want for myself in life and what I hope to help my clients achieve in theirs. When I read or hear it, I can visualize its meaning. It reminds me to make the most of my life and stretch to meet my goals. I think of it almost as a life hashtag: Loving life and crushing goals! #MostEpicLife! New product promos with my favorite clients today! #MostEpicLife.

Having a catchy mantra is so beneficial for business growth because it’s an easy reminder of who your brand is and what it can do for others.

2. Invest in Marketing Like It’s Your Dream Home.

We all know that you have to spend money to make money. But even the most ambitious and well-intentioned entrepreneurs find themselves tapping their foot on the brakes of spending every now and then, especially when it comes to marketing. Try to give marketing financial priority, treating it like you would your dream home. If the builders came to you with an amazing idea like heated bathroom floor tiles, you wouldn’t pass that up. You’d rearrange the budget accordingly and get yourself some toasty toes.

GoPro has majorly invested in advertising with clever and inventive commercials. Without the ad campaign, most consumers would probably assume the product is for “sporty types.” Their marketing strategy focuses on promoting the idea that even the most banal lifestyle can tap into a sense of adventure with the GoPro camera. Even the most ordinary customer feels as though there’s a whole other side of their life ready and waiting to be unleashed. Invest in marketing and broaden your audience; trust that whatever the cost, the benefits will eventually return and grow your investment.

I invest in a wide variety of marketing and promotional tools for my business, because I’m not afraid to spend money when I know it will help me reach the people who are interested in my services. It may not always be the cheapest way to promote my brand, but it does get my products to the right audience and introduces me to people who may have never considered me. I have found that audio recordings, short videos, and even book promotions pair well with online advertising.

“I can sell anything that I totally believe in, but I’m a horrible salesman of something I don’t believe in.”
Nick Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro

3. Anticipate Wildcards.

If you’re a technology company, or if you’re invested in any other product that relies on sophisticated machinery that may break down, malfunction, or otherwise delay a launch — anticipate it happening. I know I sound like Negative Nancy, but trust me — just assume that where things can go wrong, they will.

GoPro has premiered several versions of their product, learning from the previous models’ glitches each time. Anticipate that there may be some wildcards in store for your business just around the corner, and be better prepared for just about anything that could be thrown at you.

No business model, not even my own, is perfect. There will always be a wrench thrown into things that reveals flaws in your model or outdated methodologies. But because I strive for awareness and anticipation of such curveballs, I am better equipped to confront those challenges and make changes as necessary. When I learned to accept that there’s no such thing as perfection, I was able to take advantage of what a good revamping can do for your brand. Plus it shows consumers that you’re aware of their newest needs and interests and eager to accommodate them.

4. Seek and Seize Collaborations.

GoPro’s collaboration with the NHL was a wise choice — it broadened their audience by introducing their product to a new market and their partnership also benefitted the NHL. Create a mental map of potential collaborations that would make sense for your brand and its vision. Don’t worry about whether the businesses you want to work with are “too big” to give you the time of day. Just set the goal and follow through to the end. Truth is, you really never know who or what other brands may be looking for. Your product could be the perfect fit for their vision and end up expanding your audience in huge ways.

If I had confined myself only to those comfortable business associates I knew were “safe” and never attempted to reach high-profile clientele, I would not be where I am today. When I started to believe that I had something real to offer major clients, I found them more than willing to hear me out. People are inspired by someone virtually unknown waltzing in knowing they have something to offer that will bring big benefits. Don’t be shy; get out there and find solid collaborations. You won’t know if you never try.

“When I got out of college, I gave myself til I was 30 to invent a product. If I couldn’t do it by then, I would just get a real job.
And that fear – the fear of a real job – motivated me to be an entrepreneur.”Nick Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro

5. Inspire Your Customers with Options.

The strongest selling point for GoPro is its versatility and compact size. This allows customers to take it with them literally anywhere, and GoPro has wisely catered to their customer base by ensuring that no matter how big or small the adventure, their product can handle it.

On a recent trip to Disney World, I couldn’t help but notice the incredible number of people using GoPro’s to record their trip. Any ride, no matter how bumpy, was a scene for GoPro to capture a memorable vacation moment. Does that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, thinking of all those families being able to relive those moments together? Enable the same innovative spirit in your customers; show them examples of using your product in creative ways and maximizing its potential to suit their lifestyles. Use any and all feedback to pump up future versions.

In my business, this means offering a variety of courses and services that customers can choose from to fit their needs. Having these already established and available lets my clients know we are able to meet the wide variety of individual needs their business may have.

Final Thoughts:

  • Own your mantra. Take a look at your big picture and think about what you’re really striving for to inspire your mantra. It should be short enough to make an impact and stick in your customer’s mind, but it should also convey your message and help you focus your brand.
  • Invest in marketing. Investing in marketing and promotion will ultimately lead to greater dividends. When it comes to marketing, you really do get what you pay for, so choose quality.
  • Be prepared. There will always been unforeseen challenges to your business, given that none of us can predict the future. Accept that this is inevitable, but prepare for it and be ready to remodel as necessary.
  • Collaborate and listen. Draft a list of people and businesses you believe will benefit from your product and seek them out. Go for it, no matter how big or small. You might be just the thing they have been looking for.
  • Provide options. Let your customers know that you are not a one-trick pony. Give them service options and keep things customizable so that your clients feel empowered and a part of product building.

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Go “Pro” by Following GoPro.

GoPro became a household name because of their wicked awesome product and incredibly successful marketing plan. They knew they had a stellar product, so all they really needed after that was the right avenue to promote it. Find your unforgettable motto and invest in quality marketing. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and stay ahead of your competitors by offering options to your customers and allowing them to have a voice in your brand. Don’t sell yourself short by thinking any collaboration is too big for your business. You know your product is great, and it’s only a matter of time before everyone else out there knows it, too. Now get out there and Go“Pro” with your brand.