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The Zero Hour Week

Listen and Watch What Others Have To Say About Rob’s Zero Hour Week

"I wanted to talk about Rob Fulton's productivity series. I've always been diligent about writing things down on paper. And once I saw this stuff for the first time, it made my system make me look like a caveman. So it's something that's going to take you to the next level, make you more productive and free up your time. I strongly recommend it. Take some action."Mark

"It's all about productivity, and how to maximize your time and get the most use out of it. Of course, your personal life you don't want to neglect, and that is key. You want to get those elements in your life I recommend delving right in, and Rob is awesome to work with!" Michelle

"You know, in this internet marketing world, we're generally chasing shiny objects. There are so many things to do daily. We're all working on our own. But Rob has provided tools and training and resources that are going to bring my business to another level."Rob

"I wasted so much time on a day to day basis. But after taking a Robert Fulton course, I tell you the time that I've saved I'm able to do a lot more in a few days than I did in a couple of weeks."The Preacher

"And I tell you in just a little bit of time that he's been able to share with me how to be more productive, and really on more sort of level than just business personal and even some recommendations to help improve my quality of life."Amber Jones

"Rob knows what he's doing. He's able to leverage technology to a whole new level. And being in a hectic corporate IT environment. I feel like I've done an outstanding job leveraging technology myself, but, Rob has certainly taken it to another level."Mark

"If anyone looking to increase productivity by using straightforward tools, Rob will teach you how to do it. You'll get your productivity up in no time, and you accomplish more than you can imagine." Eugene

"But it's something it's certainly changed your life. I don't mean just business lies. I mean in terms of social relationship-wise defense and make you a better person and have a better experience for you and people around you."Marlon

"Just five minutes with Rob I'm telling you... your life is going to change!"Bobby

"I can't even believe that amazing tools and just the method that he's created on his own. I cannot wait to get started."Lawrence

"Ever since I took his course, it's increased my productivity by 20 times. Thanks, Rob"George

"Rob's course... Phenomenal! I believe that just from what he went through on the course (week), I could be ten times more efficient in my life."Jerome

"He opened my eyes to a lot of things and how I can improve my business life. But what got to me and it made me tear up is how he's spending time working on his life and his relationships."Eric

"This message of being more effective being, and more efficient...It just grabs you. Rob can relate, and you can connect with him. And Rob made me realize that I'm very unproductive, and I'm not very efficient. And what I'm using is basically from the stone ages."Matthew

"You'll be amazed at how much time weighs on things that are not important to us, and Rob teaches us how to eliminate time wasted and focus on our (important) activities."Joon

"You know, I've spent a lot of time in these different fields and one of the things I've learned about time management and life management is that no matter how good you think you are at that, you can always be better. And some of the ideas Rob have are just simply amazing."Michael

“Rob taught us how to be more efficient and how to be more productive. As a business owner, it’s easy to not pay attention to because we’re just busy making money. What Rob has taught us today is so valuable and it’s something that I look forward to working with him to keep improving the way I live for my own life and my business life. So thank you, Rob.”Rose