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Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton

Robert is the founder of Arcade Lab, Exponential Black Labs and a C-level advisor to global executives on the implementation of innovative business models. He is an entrepreneur-in-residence at various business schools and a contributor to a list of popular business authorities to include Forbes and The Next Web, Inc.

A frequent keynote speaker at leading conferences in Europe and the U.S., Robert has made significant contributions to the self-economics movement as a developer of new self-management innovations by advising senior leaders in government and business on self-management and self-economics.

Having successfully consulted on business models for over 100 tech startups, his work has gained support from big name businesses such as Apple, T-Mobile, Evernote, Sony and numerous other corporations.

The Magnificent 6

MJ Baciu


Business Manager
Biljana Kikic

Bibi K.

Tech Manager
Mada Maday

Mada M.

Experience Specialist
Dijana Milosevic

Didi M.

UX/UI & Design
Ambro Y.

Ambro Y.

John Fulton

John F.

Video & Content Producer