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Robert Fulton

Rob Fulton

Robert is the founder of Arcade Lab, Exponential Black Labs and a C-level advisor to global executives on the implementation of innovative business models. He is an entrepreneur-in-residence at various business schools and a contributor to a list of popular business authorities to include Forbes and The Next Web, Inc.

A frequent keynote speaker at leading conferences in Europe and the U.S., Robert has made significant contributions to the self-economics movement as a developer of new self-management innovations by advising senior leaders in government and business on self-management and self-economics.

Having successfully consulted on business models for over 100 tech startups, his work has gained support from big name businesses such as Apple, T-Mobile, Evernote, Sony and numerous other corporations.

The Magnificent 19

MJ Baciu


Business Manager
Marius Pop

Marius P.

Biljana Kikic

Bibi K.

Tech Management
Nikki Fulton

Nikki F.

Patrick Conley

Patrick C.

Automation Strategy
Audra Ardent

Audra A.

Media Promotion

Amy G.

Director, Business Development
Kristy Barber

Kristy B.

Client Success
Dijana Milosevic

Didi M.

UX/UI & Design
Brock Jon

Brock J.

Program Sales
Gene Dial

Gene D.

Program Sales
Mada Maday

Mada M.

Experience Specialist
John Fulton

John F.

Video & Content Producer
Jocelyn Banda

Jocelyn B

Staff Writer
Andrei T

Andrei T.

Product Manager
Anamarie Waite

Anamarie W

Staff Editor
Andrea Webb

Andrea W

Rob’s Executive Assistant
Kara Wilson

Kara W

Content Writer & Editor
Marius C

Marius C

Backend Server Engineer